Blog Like it’s the end of the world day! June 13

Don’t forget, kids, tomorrow is Blog Like It’s the End of the
(Via SF

– Blog Like It’s the End of the
will take place on 13 June. That’s not any particular notable day
or anniversary, except for the unlucky number.
– The idea is that your posting for that day is written as if a zombie
uprising were taking place around the world, including your home town.
– You blog about how it’s effecting you, what you might witness,
rumors or news that you hear, and so on.
– Because it’s taking place worldwide almost simultaneously, it’s
obviously a Romero-style zombiegeddon, where all the recently dead rise up,
and are able to infect the living. (As opposed to a *28 Days Later*-style
– If you’d like to participate, let Steve
in the post comments
and he’ll post a link on his page. Otherwise on the day
you can check Technorati for posts tagged ‘zombies’. Also: tag or label your
blog posts ‘zombies’ so people can find them.
– It’s a collaborative event, so the more you comment on other
people’s posts, link to them from your blog, spread rumors and riff on
ideas, the better!

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