Laws of Attraction overview

1. Clear Your Mind

Find a place in your home to designate as your “intention space,”
suggests author Lynne McTaggart in her book about the law of
attraction (LOA), “The Intention Experiment.” You might want to set up
an altar, or set plants nearby. Even when you’re not here, you can
summon this spot for future intention-setting. Then sit, quietly,
comfortably, and breathe. Meditate for five to 10 minutes, writes
Taggart, to help your brain slip into a relaxed, receptive state

2. Decide What You Want

You need to get clear about what you actually want, or, say LOA
experts, you’ll attract mixed results. In their book, “The Law of
Attraction,” Esther and Jerry Hicks say that the thought “I don’t know
what I want” is really just the psyche’s way of saying “I’m afraid of
what I want.” So get clear and dream big. You might need to confront
some scarcity demons, but don’t dwell on them, just keep focusing on
your desires, whether it’s a law degree or a million dollars.

3. Ask For It

Write down what you want very specifically, says philosopher Bob
Proctor in “The Secret.” And, he says, write it in present-tense, as
if you’ve already gotten your wish: “‘I am so happy and grateful now
that…’ And then explain how you want your life to be, in every
area,” Proctor says. It’s also crucial to ask for it in a way that’s
positive-the Universe, say LOA experts, responds to every word. For
example, instead of the potentially self-sabotaging “I want to get out
of debt,” (the Universe will “hear” debt and keep on sending more your
way), say, “I am living a life of abundance and wealth.”

4. Visualize Having It

Every day, close your eyes for several minutes and imagine yourself
standing inside your dream home, embracing your soul mate, standing in
your ideal body. Keep focusing on what you want and imagining it so
clearly that you can see, feel, smell, hear, and taste it.

Recent brain imaging tests show that imagining doing something is
almost exactly the same to the brain–and the body–as actually doing
something. The idea is to have your thoughts and feelings “vibrate” at
the same frequency as what you want; if you desire stupendous wealth,
raise your emotional bar to bring that in–expand, expand, expand.

5. Express and Feel Gratitude

Make a list of all that you’re grateful for. Gratitude will further
magnetize good things to you. It will also open your heart and assure
your unconscious that you are capable of having a beautiful life,
because in fact, you already do.

In “The Secret” book Byrne writes: “With all that I have read and all
that I have experienced in my own life using The Secret, the power of
gratitude stands above everything else. If you do only one thing with
the knowledge of The Secret, use gratitude until it becomes your way
of life.”

6. Release Control

You’ve cleared your mind, decided what you want, visualized those
things and experiences, and expressed gratitude for what you already
have. Now, see your request going out to the Universe. It will sweat
the details, the “how” of manifesting your request.

7. Stay Positive

Be aware of your thoughts. But, as author Marci Shimoff says in “The
Secret,” it would be impossible and exhausting to watch every single
thought-we have about 60,000 a day. Instead, be aware of your thoughts
by monitoring your feelings.

If you’re tilting toward sad or angry, re-calibrate quickly. Read a
beloved book, walk in nature, listen to a stunning piece of
music-anything to stay up, light, and inspired. If you start doubting,
replace it with knowing, with that feeling of having it. The more you
saturate yourself with having your desire, the higher your positive
vibration becomes.

8. Be Patient

As metaphysician Joe Vitale says in “The Secret” film, there’s no
guaranteed timeline for these sorts of things. But don’t give up. If
your wish or some version of it doesn’t manifest in a few, or even 30,
days, worry not. Just keep on believing and sending out positive
thoughts and feelings. The important thing is to keep doubt–and
negative feelings–at bay.

9. Invite It In

Really receive your gifts and enjoy them. And remember to send out
gratitude and love for this magical-seeming process based on the
connectedness of all matter. Also, continue to steep in it–surround
yourself with photos of what you desire, say your desire aloud, go to
an open house, a test drive. Do what it takes to let it enter your

10. Share the Wealth

Though “The Secret” doesn’t specifically address using this
manifesting power to help the world, the Law of Attraction is a
perfect tool for that. As Jack Canfield, founder of the “Chicken Soup
for the Soul” series, says in the film, Mother Teresa said she
wouldn’t attend an anti-war rally, but if there was ever a peace rally
she’d be there. Along those lines, see Iraq and other troubled places
filled with smiling, calm, peaceful people, bustling markets,
sweetness, and inspiration. Feel peace in your body, send your love.

And enjoy the secret: “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it,” Canfield says.

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