Spiritual Metaphysics Defined by Owen Waters

Spiritual Metaphysics Defined
by Owen Waters

While physics is the study of physical reality, metaphysics
includes that which is beyond the physical, but not necessarily
that which is spiritual. Spiritual metaphysics takes an
entirely different orientation. Spiritual metaphysics sees an
ultimate, metaphysical source of all creation as the basis of

This one spiritual source is known by various terms, including
The Absolute, Infinite Being, or the All That Is. The term
Infinite Being encapsulates the idea of infinite consciousness,
beyond which nothing else can exist.

Everybody's Doing It!

A spiritual revolution in human consciousness began in earnest
in the 1960s. Prior to that, the psychologist Maslow estimated
that only 2% of the population had achieved the spiritually
aware stage of self-actualization. The mid-1960s changed
everything and the spiritual revolution began. Masses of people
began the search for the higher values, such as unconditional
love and spiritual wisdom. While the outward fads of the
sixties came and went, the flame of spiritual yearning never
went out. It quietly grew as people searched, reflected and
found their spiritual freedom.

Thirty years later, that core group of progressive society had
blossomed from 2% to over 20%, and it keeps expanding more each
year. Most of these progressive thinkers are conscious
spiritual seekers, with a sense of self that is a real, inner
being rather than an outwardly-focused, ego type of self. The
global shift towards spiritual awareness is, to put it simply,
the most wonderful transformation in recorded history. This is
where humanity eventually gets to build, literally, Heaven on

Why the Creator Is Larger Than the Universe

If nothing exists beyond the consciousness of Infinite Being,
then the universe was formed within, not outside of, its
consciousness. The spiritual source of all life, Infinite
Being, is therefore greater than the universe which it created
within itself.

The spiritual concept of God employs terms like omnipresent,
omnipotent and omniscient to express the idea of infinite
consciousness. From this expansive point of view, God the
Original Creator is greater than all manifestation and, yet, is
aware of every part of that manifestation.

The Conscious Universe

While physics ponders how to cater for the 'mysterious'
effects of consciousness in experiments, spiritual metaphysics
sees beyond the mystery. Because all things are made of
consciousness, then all things are conscious. All things are
aware in their own way.

When you see the universe from this spiritual perspective, it
is no longer a mystery why a pair of related atomic particles
consciously communicate with each other. Two atomic particles
can communicate with each other because they have their own
consciousness. They may not have the self-awareness of human
beings, but, when they meet, they remember each other and stay
in communication. If one collides with an obstacle, then the
other one feels it and responds accordingly.

Research in spiritual metaphysics does not take place in the
laboratory. Instead, it's an inside job; the primary research
tool of spiritual metaphysics is the accessing of expanded
states of awareness through meditation. For example, in deep
meditation, you can expand your awareness to the limits of
space and observe the shape of the universe.

The Universe is a Giant Doughnut

Physicists agree that the universe may be torroidal-shaped,
but they have no physical proof as yet. Moving beyond physics
and into spiritual metaphysics, which is where all the fun
stuff happens, you discover that this doughnut-shaped universe
is really nothing more than a projection within the
consciousness of its Creator. Space no longer exists beyond the
outer envelope of the universe, only the consciousness that
created that space.

Space is a Fabrication of Consciousness

Space is no more than a concept in consciousness. It isn't
really “out there.” Everything made from consciousness is “in
here,” within you. Space is a projection within consciousness,
manufactured for a specific effect. What appears to be “over
there” is really just another one of an infinite number of
viewpoints within the great “Here and Now.”

The universe was created as a living theater of expression and
humanity opted for total immersion within the drama of this
theater of life. We live in search of the truth about life, and
yet we feel disconnected from its source. We focus upon a world
that appears to be exterior to us. Our five senses keep our
brains so busy that it takes determination to find the peace
and wisdom which lies within. Enormous resources of
information, guidance and support are available through our
inner being. When we direct our attention within, we gain
access to those resources.

The Mirror on the Stage of Life

Spiritual metaphysics sees the universe as a mirror. Who you
are, and what you express in thought, feeling and action,
causes the mirror of life to reflect that back to you.

If, for example, you like yourself, then other people will
like you, often without even knowing why. So, if you want
people to like you more, you need only discover and dissolve
the inner blocks that are keeping you from an unconditional
love and acceptance of yourself. When you love yourself more,
in an unconditional manner, life will reflect your improved
attitude towards yourself and other people will love you more.

The mirror of life is automatic. Once you change yourself, and
not before, the reflection changes and your reality transforms
to reflect the new you.

Unity With the Oneness Within

Your true, inner being is found in silence. Your inner being
is who you are. It is your soul. Your inner being is your
personal link to the universe and to its source, Infinite
Being. It is in this silence that you come to realize that
everything in the universe is one, that separation is actually
an illusion. In the light of this inner, soul connection, you
also find your sense of unconditional love for all of life and
all of humanity.

This article was written by Owen Waters, author of
“The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness”

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