My silence is somewhat lifted – however, time is still my biggest missing resource.

For the past year and a half, my wife & I were going through a custody fight for her two youngest children– which, due to the nature of such things and the father's nature, I imposed upon myself a silence of sorts.

MY wife still prefers extreme privacy, which limits my ability (if I am to remain respectful of her wishes) to report on aspects of my life.

The custody thing is over, and while we did not gain custody of her twins, we achieved what we primarily set out to do.

This has relieved a bit of stress on the marriage and her emotional state.

Our daughter turned 17 the other day, and attended her first homecoming dance here in smithville.
I don't have pictures I can share, alas– but she looked great and had a good time all around!

Our business (real estate investing) is having it's growing pains, and if anybody is interested in buying houses in Independence Mo or Raytown, MO- feel free to contact us!

I finally broke down and became a paying member again, so i can send emails to my journal– rarely do i seem to get time to view others journals much, but sometimes I can get a moment to send an email- so why not remotely post if i can?

peace & love!

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