[crisis] Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance

no, not the brilliant 1983 movie
just my life as I know it…

she was expressing her emotions, and beating herself up about the state of affairs (business-wise we find ourselves in..when I stated my position (indicating I didn't think we were in as bad a position, and that we were doing what we could to remedy)– we got distracted..
we came back, she forgot where she was- i reminded her she was talking about blaming herslef– then she said 'that's how i feel'.. i re-itereated and said, i don't understand why..

she then (calmly) stated that we should slowly divide our posessions, sell of th eoutstanding assets and part our separate ways.. no explanation–

I always end up saying something that just sets her off…often without adequate reason or explanation..

I'm at the point where I think I'm going to give in– why keep 'fighting' when she constantly (daily!) has another reason, another complaint, another negative outlook…

yes, I'm whining again.

this will probably bankrupt me.

all comment sscreened- no emails, no snail mails no calls please.

she's already ultra paranoid and believes I've cheated in spirit if not in flesh…

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