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First let us discuss the idea of the value of a capitalistic economy. I respect your appreciation for such a notion, but in my heart I feel that it is capitalism which is the root of every social and spiritual issue that we as a society suffer, because the moment an object–in this case, money–is placed higher above life, or the spirit soul which all living beings carry within, truth is utterly distorted. Suddenly “things” become more important then community, and instead of sharing with and caring for each other as one big family, we are at each other's throats for this false idol (money). The motto for this economy is “profit over people”. Does this feel right to you? That the vast marjoity people should slave away for next to nothing to scarcely survive, while a select few greedily glut themselves and set an impossible standard? Trust me when I say their lives are empty and meaningless, due to the suffering they inflict, hence the drug addictions (legal and non), alcoholism, domestic abuse, etc. In my eyes capitalism breeds voilence and insanity, and was born of human egos desiring to play God. This is silly and wrong. To think of ourselves as higher than the Lord is to immediately sever ourselves from the divine love, protection, peace, harmony, and fulfillment that comes from surrendering to Krishna, with the insistence that “we don't need You; we can do it better”. This has about as much logic as taking a step off the Grand Canyon and claiming that you won't fall, but that the Grand Canyon will instead shift to suit your whim. The moment we turn from God, we condemn ourselves and live in misery.

You asked if keeping money in the bank is like damming a river, and then went on to say that by allowing others to use that money for various things, that it creates purpose in the lives of others. Let me answer these questions separately. First off, I encourage saving money. This does not mean to be an Ebenezer Scrooge–it means that we must always conserve our resources, whether they be dollars or q-tips. It is wrong to be wasteful, even if it is three bites of food left from dinner. Waste not, want not. Once this becomes a way of life, everything takes on a whole new value–a -real- value, as opposed to the worthless, temporary value that consumeristic society wishes for us to implement so as to continue buying, buying, buying. For example, I used to have a serious thrift store addiction, which I'd justify with “oh, it's secondhand clothing, and it's affordable, no big deal”. Yet it WAS a big deal because I didn't need most of what I'd purchase. Most of the time I'd wear the items once or twice and then give them away or return them, having lost interest. But with the help of my roommate and friend Strephanie, I've realized how wasteful and wrong it is to engage in such behaviors, and now I feel happy, blessed, and satisfied with what I do have to wear. As I said before, these things took on a whole new value, a -real- value, whereas before, they were just things to put on to “look cute”. And I think HARD about each and every thing I buy, knowing that finances are limited, and I wish to make the very most of what I've been blessed with.

As for the velocity of money….it's hard to say if that is positive or negative. it's positive in that it gives workers a job to do, but negative on the larger scale in that it contributes to a society that worships money instead of God. I'll leave it up to you to decide what feels right.

You asked, “If you truely believe that living in complete trust of God is paramount to continuing evolution, what do you think the effect would be if everyone gave up material ideas and pursuits? It's easy to see how it works when a few people in each society do so, but I can't think of an example where everyone has. Or does it not matter because it's a virtual certainty that most people will never do it?”

Materialistic pursuits seem universal in this society, and therefore it seems impossible that an alternative way of being could actually be. Surprisingly enough, the materialistic way of living is as empty, dissatisfying, and unnatural as it could get. This planet did not give us life so that we could plunder, disrespect, and hurt her (and her other creatures, and each other). Instead as her children, we have been given an opportunity to experience unconditional love for God and each other in an environment that, in its natural state, is safe, supportive, and providing of virtually all of our desires. If for example we were to create a society where all beings devoted themselves to worship and adoration of God, and in turn to the harmony of our race with the rest of the world, then work would become joyful and selfless, people would treat each other with love, kindness, and peace, and life would be a beautiful and timeless experience, with every moment filled to the brim with love. This is natural and right. Work should not be a source of anxiety, justified with a sparse empty wage, but a joyful, selfless offering to the Lord.

This is the goal of our race, and quite literally the only way all of us can live in harmony, peace, fulfillment, and eternal bliss.

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