Quality time

You won't get very far by spending every day doing every single thing you can cram into your schedule. Instead of striving to always be busy, or occupied, or entertained, seek to be effective and fulfilled.
Let go of the need to tightly schedule one hurried activity after the next. If you put all your energy into spinning your wheels, the main thing you get is exhaustion.
It is far more fulfilling to do a few things well than it is to do lots and lots of things in a frenzied rush. Indeed, the richness of life is in the doing, and not in the tally of what you have done.
When you're constantly jumping from one thing to the next, it doesn't really matter how much you're able to accomplish. For none of those hurried accomplishments will bring you very much meaningful value.
Instead, slow down, be selective, thoughtful and fully focused. Out of your many possibilities, choose only the very best ones and give quality time to those.
Savor each moment and each task rather than rushing quickly to what's next. Fill your days with quality time, and those days will be rich indeed.

lately my life has felt like one huge, uncontrolled burst of frenzied action…

i have become very fatigued and burnt out from this…I don't particularly enjoy this feeling.

I daresay it has led to anxiety, depression and several other unhelpful psychological issues…

yet, how does one balance having children, wife, family job & new business effectively?
many things tell me 'time management', yet i have problems with this– as well as getting others to understand/cooperate with me, with regards to keeping on task/on time, etc…

well– this is probably just me whining at this point…
but if any other busy people out there have constructive commentary, please do post your thoughts…

[friends only – please respect the privacy]

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