Rumi poem (thanks <lj user="loreeley">!)

Many of the faults you see in others
are your own faults reflected back to you.
Actually, you are branding and blaming yourself.

The fault is in the blamer.
Spirit sees nothing to criticize.

Friends become enemies
because we see them as separate from us.
But in reality, we are quarreling with ourselves.

All the saints and sages say
the evil deeds become a dark well
which enclose the evil-doer.
The worse the doer's deed,
the darker his well.
You may intend to snare someone else,
but you're digging that pit
for yourself to fall down.
Watch out! Don't dig too deep.


I have been made aware of a way I'm being with someone…
and (as typical) I wasn't aware I was being it.

I think the poem above really ends up expressing what is going on unconsciously-
and now I'm being more mindful.

I get a bit 'competitive' when I think I'm being 'right'-
but it only really starts to manifest when I'm near others who I also deem as 'needing to be right'.
And yet, some part of me says that we both[all] can be 'right', but the speaking part still can blindly move ahead and play my actions…

The result is coming off as righteous, and always making someone wrong..
The impact is losing friends (most extreme), to stifling others openness of communication with me (most common impact, I'm GUESSING)…

Thank you, oh observer who pointed this out- your input always helps shine light onto things that could use it…I'm ever so grateful for your patience and willingness to ask the question…

I'm still looking- I can see a couple of people I do this with, and must apologize for any messes this has made…

For those who've been on the end of this behavior-
I'm inventing the possibility of graciousness and consideration-
and I'm giving up righteousness.
[and 'being right' really is a trait that I always struggle with- so continue being SAINTS when I affect this behavior– being right is truly unimportant, seeing things how they are without attachment to a single point of view is a place that I vow to come from more often than I have been!]

Please accept my apologies, and [continue to] hold me accountable on this matter!

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