deep introspection – or just plain ol' ramblin'

I want to thank everyone who reads this journal…
sometimes I know I get into the truly mundane, or wax verbose (with low content?)…but..well…Love me, Love my journal, right?

I could talk about my extended weekend…but I'm not going to – YET.
(not to disrespect all who made it a fun one, to be certain, I just don't feel like posting about it at this moment)

I've been reading Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey as part of a 'required' workshop through my workplace, and before anyone rolls their eyes – I'd like to state that it truly has some beneficial items in it. I haven't worked my way completely through it, as yet, but there are many things in it that reminds me of Zen/Tao living. Mind you, it's very much in a easily-Western-digestible format, but many of the elements are similar. Think of it as 'Corporate Zen' [well, I lost the OTHER half of my audience right there, I bet].

In any event, I'm not going to bore you with a rehash of the book itself, so much as bore you with a few thoughts that have percolated up during my readings.

I tend to be overly introspective [and hyper-analytical at times], but as I strive to apply the more direct and simpler concepts of Tao & Zen in my life, and shed ego / personality constructs that current levels of Western Civilization absolutely would be appalled if it were caught dead without…
I cannot help but wonder about how much trust and respect society seems to have lost. For everything.

I see quite a few people I know withdraw from aspects of life, just because of how badly things have gone in whatever aspect of society (people interaction) and what have you that has scarred them.
I cannot lay claim to complete innocence to this phenomenon, either. I have been trying to overcome my own wariness about specific interactions, and have been doing quite nicely towards growing out of the self imposed fears…

My loving/empathic/compassionate side wants to help them so VERY badly, but my practical/analytical/'western thought' self doesn't allow me to pursue the issues – since previous attempts at helping people have yielded up the wisdom of 'you can only guide WILLING people through healing – you cannot make them want to heal or BE healed'…

Yes, I'm still living in a duality…
Yes, I want to help everyone but yet not get 'hurt'….

Yes, I'll work through it.

Meantime – to anyone out there who cares:
Know that I care about you
Know that I am here for you
Know that all you have to do is accept
-the offer(S)
–the caring
–the kindness
–the unconditional Love

As with all opportunities –
it is up to the RECEIVER to accept
the invitation;
but it is up to the SENDER
to make clear the offer…

I state this as a person of
honesty, truthfulness and integrity.

I am who I am, without hiding.
As always, questions are the tools most useful to further understand me. I always seek to be honest in all things.

Thanks for letting me ramble.

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