Poll & house cleaning

I was cleaning house for guests over the weekend, and ran across a few really OLD pieces of paper. On them were a series of questions.
Once upon a time, so very long ago, I ran a genuine call-up BBS. On it I had email, add-on stories and *polls*. I called it The Arkham Asylum.

These papers were part of a solicitation I had made for the 'sign up poll'. I even saw where I had check marked which questions I was going to use.
One sheet was from my first ever girlfriend (waxes nostalgic), the other from my best friend at that time. Both had some great (and disturbing) questions.

Why mention all of this?
I'm going to run a theme for the next month or so, with a question from these sheets each day. Why Only one question? Because the LJ Poll mechanism doesn't really give enough room to properly answer these kinds of questions, and some questions really require serious thought!

And so it begins…

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