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I decided to try to call a large portion of the people on my contact list whom I consider friends. I particularly concentrated on the 'long time no hear' group of friends. I also decided to not contact the 'friends with family' since it was getting late into Christmas Eve, and I didn't want to disturb any pre-Christmas family tradition activities.

Net result:

  • 2 no answers (really odd, as they were both the same family…maybe celebrating elsewhere together)
  • a handful of answering machine messages (5? 6?)
  • 3 really long conversations (including 1 that turned into a tech support call!) These were a real treat (even the tech support call)!
  • 4 normal length conversations
  • 1 really short length conversation

It felt good to play catch up and/or just listen to the details of peoples lives. It really helps put things into perspective.
Typing this just now made me realize how many people I *truly* consider a friend. I'm pretty darn lucky to have that many. Even IF I am not lucky enough to have regular contact with them, it's nice to know that when they hear from me they will devote time to a conversation, etc…Which, to me, shows that they are definitely a friend, rather than an acquaintance.

On a similar note, I tried to send small, but personalized emails to a few friends/acquaintances whom I don't have phone numbers for. We'll see if any respond. I just felt like really reaching out for some reason. Maybe I can keep this trend up, as I think people appreciate knowing that you're thinking about them.

Watched Disc 1 of the the 6(?) disc set of Season 1 of 'Babylon 5'. What a wonderfully intricate and overall well plotted 'epic' of a Sci-Fi show! I'm hoping this re-review will help give me some inspiration for my own Fading Suns campaign. The devil is in the details. I have the big story figured out, but whew, it's been awhile since I've had to bang out the 'little things' that help the plot along.

I've tried to commit to an aggressive once a month play schedule, since my first story arc took over 3 years of 'quarterly' play to complete…really bad news, since nobody took notes and forgot all the major plot points that would help them to take a more active part in the unfolding of the campaign. *sigh*

I hope (one day) to get off my a$$ and create a website devoted to the campaign…but I'm ever the procrastinator…(and hey, it's either take the time to make the website, or take the time to create plotting and handouts, etc….what a no-brainer that is).

My medication is a mixed blessing. I also have mixed feelings about the eventual cpap machine. (4 months of delays and counting…these people sure take their time!)

My sleep is still disturbed, and I'm still waking up at odd hours. Sometimes I can get back to sleep, and sometimes I cannot. For those of you who can sleep an uninterrupted 8 hours, you should count your blessings. You don't know how good you've got it, until 5 hours becomes the norm. The constant exhaustion, fatigue, ringing of the ears, loss of concentration, and so many other things that have become the 'normal din' of my waking life are simply wonderful to behold. (sarcasm)

My what a gushing fountain I am this morning. Probably because I got 11 hours(!) of sleep…

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