dream journal [inner circle entry]

Did the cpap sleep study last night, as usual I woke up in the middle of the night. The pressure was too much, my head felt like I was in an airplane making a sharp descent…

I *DID* manage to dream last night…

I was downtown, close to my workplace, but not actually working or at work. I was leaving from some sort of meeting, and in street casual clothing…

Some of the people I was still congregating with [people I knew in the dream, but don't know in real life] were saying some stuff about how they were going to get home…

I started to get that 'inner lightness of being' feeling which precedes all my typical 'flight' dreams…I perceived this, and guess I decided to make it a lucid experience, because USUALLY when this happens I have to simply let the lightness pull me into the sky..but THIS time I took the bull by the horns and simply MADE myself fly.
The dispersing crowd saw me, but I really didn't care…I started flying over downtown, past the Federal Reserve building, past the new Federal Courthouse…then over the River Market Area…then towards some new stretch of park greenery (LIKE the River PArkway, but yet NOT the River Parkway)..

As I was flying over this park area, I recognized two pretty goth gals…Upon further inspection it turned out they were people I knew in REAL WAKING life [cannot remember WHO though, darn it!], and was shocked to see them dressed up like 'goth babes'…So shocked I lost the ability to fly, and crashed right at their feet.

One of them said something to the effect that 'you gotta watch those crash landings, I know someone who wiped out hard, and they're STILL recovering'.

Then I woke up.

minor note

IF you are reading this, it is because you are part of my 'friend group' known as the 'inner circle'. It turns out there are some people on my 'regular friend list' that I do not want to expose certain entries to, but yet I find reading their public journal entries beneficial.

Feel special.
Or not.

But it means I trust you with certain information that is not intended for the public.

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