a friend's journal entry

I just completed an interesting questionnaire at Rejuvenation's journal. Try it for yourself.

Another friend is being concerned about his karma…I think he should let go of the feelings and just let himself Be. Of course, he'd quip back to me that I should follow my own prescription…so I guess I'll say nothing more.

Currently I'm:

  • fighting a nasty headache.
  • debating whether I should start the medication my physician gave to me.
  • trying to get the energy up to eat.
  • wondering if I'll devote time today to building my online poetry app for my domain.
  • itching to make a Mythos deck.
  • hoping another friend passes his driver's test so he can have a sense of accomplishment & a rejoining with ambulatory society.

ooo…must really do something about this headache.

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